Design Challenge

As a sales department manager I would like to entertain and train my sales staff about some new product introductions.

I worked closely with the curriculum designer and product manager on this design for an internal sales training application. The visual design was based on the current brand identity.

Having been given the major part or poster from the screen above, I chose to utilize it as an exercise in basic design theory. Utilizing it as the dominate object and place subordinate objects around it i.e. the buttons on the right. I emulated the color palette as well as the gritty mood. Utilizing the fishnet lace texture worked perfectly and the client loved it.

My role: Product Design Lead

Brainstorming to wire-framing to user testing to final design and iconography.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Benefit Intro Screen - In house sales training intro.

Secondary Screen - Displaying eye liner recommendations, Fish net background.

Demonstration Screen - a generic "how-to" screen.